Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fabric Christmas Wreath

This is a tutorial for a Christmas Wreath I made. I'm obsessed with fabric ruffles right now; I think this came out really well.
For this project you will need:

1 wire hanger
2 yards of fabric (whatever you want to make your wreath out of. This fabric should be double sided because both sides will be seen).
Fabric scissors
Thread (to match your fabric)
1 inch - 2 inch spool of ribbon (to coordinate with your fabric)

1. Cut out lots and lots of fabric circles. I did about 200. They are about 3 inches in diameter (across). You can make yours bigger or smaller, it's a preference thing. Also, no need to worry about making perfectly circular circles. Ovals and slightly misshapen circles are fine, they will actually add to the dimension of your wreath.

2. Bend the wire hanger, like this:
You want to make it as circular as possible.

3. I snapped off the hook part of the hanger. You can leave yours on and hang your wreath by it. I prefer a fabric "hook". I'll show you in step 9 how I covered up the part of the hanger that jettisons out.

4. Start sewing together your ruffles. Fold your circles in halves and thread thru the center of the circle, like this:

5. Now continue to add on circles, always threading from the center of the circle. Some you'll add as halves, and others you can fold into quarters. I add about 6 circles to get a nice fluffy ruffle.

Adding a half piece.

Adding a quarter piece.

6. Do NOT tie off your thread. Keep your needle and thread attached to your ruffle, as seen below.

7. Now circle the thread around the hanger. You are sewing your ruffle to the hanger. You should loop the thread around the hanger a few times to make sure it is secure.

8. Keep the ruffle nice and tightly close to the wire. Once it's attached, tie off your thread. First ruffle is complete. Now you keep repeating this process all the way around the hanger.

9. Remember in step 3 I said I would show you how I covered up the part of the hanger that sticks out? (below)

I put a bow over it!
10. I added gold ribbon ties sporadically. Here is the finished product!

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